Welcome to KI!

We are a Torah observant congregation that is built on growth through a vibrant, relevant Torah that will enhance your everyday life.

At KI we live our Judaism by celebrating every aspect of Jewish life, and through the actions of our membership, share the beauty and excitement of our community.

We look to provide a welcoming environment for Jews of all observance levels, and everyone is accepted wherever they are on their journey.

We pride ourselves in being a family shul. We have childcare at all Shabbos and Yom Tov services along with many family focused events throughout the year .

At KI we focus on the growth of every family and individual. In addition to the many learning groups led by Rabbi Kalatsky in members’ homes and the classes in our shul, we regularly have inspiring guest speakers and shiurim to bring inspiration to our Judaism.


Our Shabbos services begin at 8:45 am. Weekday shacharis services begin at 7:00 am, and at 8:00 am on Sundays and national holidays. Mincha/Maariv services every day 15 minutes before sunset. (Spring, Summer & Fall)


If you have any questions, please email Rabbi Kalatsky at rabbik@kenessethisrael.org.   He may also be reached by calling (516) 582-4339.

To Schedule a Kiddush or Seudah Shlisheet, please contact Sid Usem at sidney.usem@gmail.com

For questions about hospitality please email the office at office@kenessethisrael.org 


Board of Directors:

Dr. Joey Greenberg President/ Michael Moskowitz Vice President/ Judy Victor Secretary

Michael Barry/ Melvin Graf/ Lili Khabie/ Sender Russel/ Shlomo Schloss/ Gabriel Silverberg/Ezra Daitchman/Zevi Segal/Adam Galili/Jake Berenberg/Sid Usem/Yehuda Polter/Moshe Tabbouche